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Challenge Coin Rack

Challenge Coin Rack

Small Coin Rack: (L) 17" or outter edge of item.

Medium Coin Rack: (L) 30" or outter edge of item.


Puerto Rican Challenge coins are cut to the outline of the flag.

(Challenge Coin Rack can be mounted to any item)


When purchasing multiple Challenge Coin Racks.  To allow for coins I have predetermined locations for the coin rack unless I am informed on a different location. Please see picture for stripe number. 

Small Challenge Coin Rack mounting location in described order.

-13, 9, 5, 1


 Medium Challenge Coin Racks mounting location in described order.

-13, 11, 9 unless otherise informed


When purchasing Black Flags Challenge Coin Racks, they come Black in color to match the flag. 


slot fits 1/4" coin.  If you want to fit a thicker coin just inform me in the comment box. 


Thumbnail item is shown on a small flag.  Small flag is not included

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